Our Hotel


We welcome you to Ghana, our cherished guest, to our uniquely built Hotel, where you can expect nothing but a delightful experience from the moment you walk through our doors, every staff you encounter will meet and greet you with a warm and friendly smile and would go to every length to make your stay with us, a memorable one.

Whether you are on a business trip or just at leisure, you can completely relax in any of our luxurious rooms and suites. You will experience intimacy, comfort, exclusivity, and personalized service throughout your stay.


We promote integrity through our respect for individuals, communication of expectations, consistency, and fairness in our actions. This integrity permeates through all we do.

We commit our best in everything we do, striving for professional excellence by exceeding expectations and distinguishing ourselves through superior performance.


The vision of the Hotel is to become the best choice in  Kumasi, Ghana, for long and short-term lodging, by creating a differentiated experience, capitalizing on originality, personal service, history, and its unique location in the city of Kumasi.

We seek to create an environment of luxury that is parred excellence, based on supreme customer service, human capital, technology, and superlative ambiance and infrastructure.